About us

Hi, my name is Valentina

and I am the innkeeper of the B&B Su Murdegu.
I started this adventure with Evandro, my partner in life, after deciding to move back to my home town.
Motivated by my passion for travelling and my homeland, I decided to share a part of my house and to offer others a more intimate view of Cagliari and its surroundings.
I have a long list of people to thank: first of all Evandro, who supports me every single day; Chetti and Alberto (my parents), who have had their daily lives turned upside down for months; Christian, who masterminds our website; Isabella Thermes, a long time close friend who designed the logo; Alberto Orrù, photographer would be reductive, so I will say he is an artist of photography and generously let us use his panoramic shot from Monte Urpinu; all those who support us, also from a distance, and last, but not least, our guests.

Reservations & Info: